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Are you ready to erase the signs of aging?  Call  (650) 992-9221 for a free cosmetic consultation with our nurse, Jennifer.  All of our treatments are provided in the safety of our medical office and are supervised by one of our physicians.   Our doctors and nurses have been trained on the latest injection techniques to maximize optimal placement of botox and fillers for a natural, refreshed appearance.  No one will know, but everyone will notice!!

All services are provided in the safety of the office of Susan Longar, MD,  conveniently located right off highway 280 in Daly City, behind Seton Medical Center.
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Brand New FDA Approved Kybella


Kybella is the FIRST and only FDA approved injection that can redefine your jawline.  Kybella works by destroying the fat cells, which are then metabolized normally.  Most people need 2 treatments to achieve desired effect, but it is permanent!  Call Dr. Longar at (650) 992-9221 and schedule a consultation with one of our aesthetic team members to find out if this treatment is for you.


We customize your Kybella treatment plan to address the issue that bothers YOU, extra fullness under the chin commonly called "double chin".  The treatment consists of a series of injections made with a tiny needle into the fat under your chin.  Gradually, the fat that has been injected will be metabolized naturally by your body and will be gone forever--Most people need 2 treatments about 6 weeks apart to receive optimal jawline definition, some people need up to 3 treatments.   Schedule an appointment at Dr. Longar's office to receive your customized Kybella treatment plan.

Botox and Brotox


Every day we smile, laugh, and talk-the results of this include the development of lines and wrinkles as we age.  Botox, a simple treatment taking only a few minutes in the safety of our Daly City medical office can take years off your face making it look less tired, less stressed and consequently restore confidence in your appearance.  

Dr. Longar and her staff are skilled in performing Botox treatments for a rejuvenating and natural look. This FDA-approved anti-wrinkle solution reduces the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows, horizontal lines on the forehead, and "crow's feet", the fine lines around the eyes, and other wrinkles associated with aging.

Botox is an injectable medication called a neuromodulator that temporarily paralyzes the muscles it is injected to reducing and eliminating lines and wrinkles associated with facial movement.  Botox lasts up to 6 months, some patients find that over time they need fewer injections as their facial muscles reach a more natural state of relaxation.

After near painless injections with a very small needle, botox gradually emerges over the next 7 days.  Call Dr. Longar's staff today at (650) 992-9221 to schedule a free comprehensive consultation to find out if botox is right for you.

Dr. Longar also performs medical Botox treatments for eyelid twitching, facial spasms, and chronic persistent migraines.


Do you want longer, thicker lashes?   Latisse is for you.  Latisse is a one of a kind prescription treatment available in our office.  Latisse is so simple to use, just apply along your upper lash line once per day and watch your lashes grow--most people notice results after about 8 weeks of use--if you want to see real life results, stop by our office.  You will be able to tell which members of our staff are using Latisse, and who is not...

If you try Latisse and decide it is not for you, simply stop using it.  Your lashes will return to their natural state gradually.

Call (650) 992-9221 today for a free consultation to see if Latisse is right for you.


The world's number 1 selling Juvéderm family of dermal fillers includes Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, and the brand new addition of Volbella.  Juvéderm fillers are an injectable gel made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body.  HA acts in the skin by holding in water to hydrate and cushion the skin.  Juvéderm fillers are a modified version of this naturally occurring HA. 

All Juvéderm products provide instant, nonsurgical results performed in the safety of our medical office located in Daly City.  Call (650) 992-9221 for a free in office consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals and find out if Juvéderm is right for you.


Brand new FDA approved Volbella is the first and only filler proven to increase lip fullness and soften the appearance of vertical lines for up to one year.  Volbella provides natural, subtle, long-lasting results that are proven to increase satisfaction with the appearance lips and lip lines in the majority of patients.


Voluma instantly adds volume to lift and contour the cheek area, correcting age related midface volume loss we all experience as we age.  Voluma is injected along the cheekbone re-draping skin and restoring fullness.  When the midface area is restored to a youthful appearance, the appearance of the lower face:  parentheses lines, vertical lip lines, corner lines and marionette lines, is improved.  A restored cheek also improves the tear trough area, reducing the impact of dark circles and eye bags.

Ultra and Ultra plus are used to rejuvenate the lower face where lines, wrinkles and thinning lips betray your age, or to enhance lips if you desire a modern, full look.  Your aesthetic professional will customize your treatment plan to deliver natural, long lasting results personally tailored to you.

Everyone will notice, no one will know.

SkinMedica® & Chemical Peels

We now SkinMedica skin care products, a revolutionary brand that uses patented growth factors to rejuvenate the skin. SkinMedica products contain antioxidants, vitamins, collagen, and other anti-aging ingredients that heal tissue at a cellular level to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give a brighter, even skin tone.

We also offer professional chemical peels utilizing SkinMedica’s highly popular Vitalize Peel®, Rejuvenize Peel™, and Illuminize Peel®.

Illuminize is a "lunch time" peel or mini peel.  Illuminize will brighten your complexion, helps with acne and causes very little to no peeling.  Great for before a special night out or photos, and you can wear make-up and use your normal skin routine the next day.

Vitalize is a true chemical peel using a peeling agent topped with retinol for a mild to moderate peel.   Most people begin peeling about two days after the peel, and continue peeling for 2-4 days.  This peel helps brighten and exfoliate skin leaving behind a fresh layer of "new" skin.  You will see an improvement after one treatment, but we recommend a series of three, or even six to see the full affects of this treatment on your skin.  This peel can be done every three to four weeks, as long as you are finished peeling.

Rejuvenize is the strongest peel we offer, most people who receive this peel will REALLY peel for a few days.  It has the same ingredients as the Vitalize peel, but in a much stronger concentration.  We like to make sure you can tolerate the strength of this peel by introducing you to the Vitalize peel first, and progress to total "Rejuvenize-ation" with a series of three to six of these peels done every four to six weeks.

Before any peel, do not use "anti-aging" creams or cleansers, for at least three days.  

Cosmetic Eye and Facial Treatments in Daly City, CA

Not sure which cosmetic treatment is right for you? Call (650) 992-9221 today for a consultation with Dr. Longar in Daly City. She would be happy to thoroughly explain your options and the results you can expect.

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